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Friday, May 6, 2011

Huntsman graduates get the personal touch right to the end

Today I went to the Graduate Commencement and Hooding Ceremony and found, that in addition to the wise words of Byron Burnham, the vice provost and dean who spoke at the event, there was inspiration coming from the sidelines. Kathy McConkie, the assistant director our MBA program, was on the front row, leaning forward trying to get a picture of every single graduate.

I know Kathy to be a great photographer but what impressed me was that she was calling out to the graduates by name as they reached the end of the ramp to get them to pause so she could take their picture. It was clear as I saw their faces light up when she called them that they knew who she was.

It’s that kind of personal attention and sense of family that Kathy brings to our MBA program. If you know anything about Kathy McConkie, you know that this is one woman who can light up a room with her smile. I know, I know, that sounds corny, but it is true.

I told Konrad Lee, faculty chair and director of the MBA program, about what I saw and he wasn’t surprised.

“The positive impact Kathy has on our program and the lives of our students is amazing,” he said. “She reaches students in a very real way because of that personal connection she brings to her work.”

I took a bunch of pictures today and I got lucky when I caught the very moment our Jamie Andrus realized her shoe was caught in the ramp. Did you know she’s the assistant director of our Partners and Business program and was a good sport about the picture. She gave me permission to post it on Facebook. Check out our Facebook page to see that picture and to find a link to all the other pictures I posted into our Smug Mug account.

Check out this blog tomorrow for more on the advice that Dean Burnham shared with the graduates and for a link to more pictures.

Steve Eaton

(The photo in this blog is Kathy McConkie. You gotta love her.)

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