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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Fixed Tables

It seems that every week for the past three months I have the pleasure of announcing one more milestone reached in Huntsman Hall. I am keeping the streak going again this week.

The big milestone we reached this week is the installation of the fixed tables. It commenced last Friday. So far, two classrooms have tables installed.

In our 50-seat and 80-seat tiered classrooms, the tables are fixed –i.e., bolted to the floor. Power is run through the tables and is available to students at their seats. These fixed tables are a major part of 18 of our 21 new classrooms. Altogether, the cost of the fixed tables is over $400,000.

Fixed tables
I took a photo of the fixed tables. The lights aren’t installed in the room yet and there is only one construction light on, so the room is a little dark. But don’t the tables look great?!? I can’t wait until I can see students sitting behind those tables.

Ken Snyder

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Laying Down the Floor

Last week, the floor guys started laying tiles on Level 1 of Huntsman Hall. It’s a little messy until they finish laying the tiles and clean up, but it is really nice-looking

I am told that laying floor tiles is something that happens toward the end of the construction project. The reason is that the floors see lots of heavy traffic and we don’t want a brand new floor to get scuffed up or damaged.

The laying of the floor is a sign that we are inching closer and closer to completion of Huntsman Hall.

Ken Snyder