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Friday, July 2, 2010

Our Meeting with Covey Executives!

This week we had the privilege to spend time with Jennifer Colosimo!

Jennifer is the co-author on Dr. Covey's Great Work, Great Career. Jennifer currently serves as the Chief Learning Officer of FranklinCovey. Janita Andersen of FranklinCovey also joined us on this evening.

Jennifer shared her career path and life experiences, teaching us to take charge of our lives and "create our own weather." Jennifer emphasized the importance of controlling "what you think, what you say, and how you behave" in making real changes within your circle of influence. Students discussed reation vs response and shared their own experiences and real life examples with each other.

After class, students were able to meet and discuss with Jennifer one-on-one at a special pie social.

Of her interaction with Jennifer, one student, Anna Guadarrama, says, "Jennifer Colosimo has become one of the most influential of today's leaders I can look up to. She reflects confidence and truth that one can live a fulfilled life with great work, despite the challenges one must face."

This was a special evening with such amazing business leaders. Thank you to Jennifer Colosimo and Janita Andersen for spending time with our class!

This week, take special notice of the opportunities that come up in your work environment where you get to decide whether to be reactive or responsive. Avoid passiveness or passion/reactiveness. Take charge!