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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I scream for ice cream!

The main floor of the business building is THE place to be this week. Students were filing out the doors before noon waiting for the Aggie ice cream to be brought out.

Amidst the shouts for strawberry or cookies and cream, there was a buzz of excitement surrounding neighboring tables. All week students have been representing different clubs and organizations at display tables in the lobby. If they haven't already had plenty of feedback at their stations, the attraction of ice cream definitely brought some action. Students were guessing the number of M&Ms in jars, buying game day T-shirts, and cheering for Utah State all outside the elevators of the Jon M. Huntsman School.

What a neat thing to go to a University where the united and rowdy school spirit USU is known for isn't just displayed at sporting events but in the halls of our buildings in between classes. Go Aggies!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Last Dash Relay Race

Just under 100 runners from all over the world came to compete in tonight's Last Dash Relay race. The event gave race organizers every reason to believe it can be an annual experience and it will be exciting to see how much money we can contribute to the Huntsman Cancer Institute over the years.

I spent some time talking with a runner named Patrick who came all the way from Kenya. He was in the winning coed relay group with a runner named Lisa. Lisa wasn't done winning for the night, however. In addition to the iPad she won from winning the coed division, her name was drawn in the raffle for a backpack from Al's Sporting Goods.

Kelly Olsen participated in the race with two of her daughters and their friend. She had one major problem with the course, however: it went right by her home. Apparently, seeing her home was too much of a distraction and she stopped the race right there.

I was most impressed by how happy everyone was to be contributing to a good cause. The consensus was that it was well worth the money and expended energy. People would light up when I asked them about it and it seemed like they forgot that they were recovering from a 5 or 10 mile run.

My only problem with the race was that I wasn't in it. I have already committed to run in it next year.

-Connor Child

I attended the Dean's convocation that featured Roger Martin this morning. I thought it was one of the best presentations I've seen at a dean's convocation. He is the author of the book, The Design of Business, and he talked about how some people tend to be more analytical thinkers and others are more intuitive thinkers. He believes both sides can benefit by learning to communicate better with each other and suggested that everyone could benefit from seeing things from a new point of view. That's a vast simplification of his presenation. I have a recording of it and hope to write a story for the Huntsman Post or The Huntsman Magazine. There was a lot of valuable insight shared. If you missed it, you might want to check out his book.

I'm looking forward to the Stephen Covey convocation on Thursday and the Henry J. Eyring convocation on Friday. Both of them are outstanding teachers. If you miss one of those presentations you may up saying for the rest of your life, "Darn! I wish I hadn't missed that presentation."

Texas Roadhouse BBQ

I had a great time at the barbecue. There was a huge turnout for the Texas Roadhouse food. The line went all the way up the hill. It was well worth the wait though- only $1 a sandwich! The weather was perfect and the set up of everything was perfect. Very fun evening.
This was such a great event. Everyone seemed to be having a
great time and kalai had some awesome songs up his sleeve.

Post by Joshua Butts

Monday, September 27, 2010

Woodstock, without the mud

It was like Woodstock without the rain and mud. We estimated more than 1,200 people filled in the side of Old Main Hill. Little kids danced and spun around like they were Deadheads at a Grateful Dead concert.

You can tell who the old bloggers are, can't you?

They lined up for the Texas Roadhouse barbecue all the way up the side of the green hill and the people kept coming until we had to order more.

The weather was perfect. Old Main made for an amazing backdrop as the sun slowly set.

Kalai played like he was at home with friends. His Bill Murray side came out as he told stories about his life and music.

Even Skyler Jenks did some time on the stage. What a natural.

When I left we didn't know yet how much had been raised for the Huntsman Cancer Institute but it looked like people were being quite generous. - Steve Eaton

P.S. The picture above of Huntsman student Jay Castro and his son Tyler, was taken by Sara Eaton.

Kalai Concert

There has been quite the showing for the Kalai Concert on Old Main Hill. The sun is going down and it is cooling off. Everyone is settling in for a wonderful evening. Bring a blanket and come join us if you're not here.

--Jackie Schwartz

Kick-Off Party and BBQ Party Rockin'

The Kick-Off Party and BBQ were both huge successes. The party started in the Student Lobby of the Business Building where a ton of students gathered around to see what prizes they won with their raffle tickets. The Huntsman School gave out a lot of great prizes including headphones, bags, and other cool accessories.

Along the way to the BBQ and Kalai concert, students could get free popcorn, cupcakes, Halloween candy, snow cones, and cotton candy.

The BBQ attracted a very large line of people. It stretched from Old Main to the bottom of Old Main Hill. I'd love to write more but I'm going to settle in for a great Kalai concert.

Here's a short slide show of additional photos from the party and BBQ:

- Sterling Morris

$1 Texas Roadhouse Sandwiches are a Hit

The line for the sandwiches goes all the way from the bottom of Old Main to the top. Over 400 sandwiches have already been sold to benefit the Huntsman Cancer Institute. Thanks Aggies!

--Jackie Schwartz

Dance All Night

The dance competition on Friday hosted by Sigma Chi fraternity and the Huntsman School of Business was a big success. Laurel Simkins and Shawn Shahan were the winners of the tuition wavers. The second place winners of two iPads were Patrick Romero and Lindsay Blacker. Congratulations to those students!

-Jenna Jardine

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Dancing the Night Away

The Sigma Chi Dance Marathon was a hit.

The dance went into the wee hours of this morning. Here's a slideshow of some of the pictures from the event:

Thanks to Sigma Chi for the great kick off to Business Week!

Friday, September 24, 2010

MIS Open House Party

I'm at the MIS Open House party and really enjoy the new renovations the MIS department has experienced over the summer. When you walk in the lobby, you see a brand new Samsung flat screen TV broadcasting the latest Huntsman School twitter feeds, national news, weather, and traffic cameras. The floor's lighting fixtures have been updated, the walls have been updated, and the MIS department has added great artwork to the walls. The floor now has a very modern feel to it.

Here's Department Head, John Johnson, telling you to come up and get some pizza:

The open house began at 11:30 a.m. today and will go until 3 p.m. so come up, grab some pizza, a cool beverage, and learn about some of the great MIS programs the department has to offer!
- Sterling Morris

Party Hearty Guys and Gals

Who wants to party? I want to party. Party! Party! Party! Be there or be square. Monday, September 27, 5 p.m. in front of the George S. Eccles Business Building, stampede to Old Main Hill. Good food, friends and fun. See you then. - Mary Price

I Can't Wait!

Huntsman students are often faced with a rigorous combination of homework, reading assignments, papers, and group projects. Add to this the fact that 75% of Huntsman students work 10+ hours per week and 86% provide volunteer service every week while in school. It's clear that Huntsman students work and study hard, play hard, and with any remaining time, sleep hard.

As a current student, I usually sleep deeply at the end of a long day but last night was an exception. I couldn't stop thinking about all the great activities that are planned for Business Week and the benefit we can be for the Huntsman Cancer Institute. It seems like there is enough variety in the events that everyone can find a few they are interested in.

"It's coming; you don't want to miss it; Business Week, 2010." - Sterling Morris

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Free Tuition? HELLO!

Remember those old-school dance marathons when people would dance all night long and try to awkwardly keep moving even though they were falling asleep all over their dance partner? (What do you think they'd do to stay awake? I'm thinking slapping was involved.)

Does anyone remember what kind of prizes they'd win? Me neither. But I bet it was like, free tickets to the drive-in movie, or lunch at Happy Days or something. I'm betting that it WASN'T free tuition for a semester. What was that? You didn't hear me?


Holy cow! Yes this is for real. Sigma Chi and the Huntsman School present our first Dance Marathon for this year's Business Week. And yes, you can get free tuition for a semester. But hurry and sign up, it's THIS Friday.


Registration is $20 a couple at the ticket office. If you want to watch the event, it's $5. Think you're a bad dancer? It doesn't matter....pretty sure you could tap your foot and wag your finger to qualify (or come up with your own moves and quit stealing mine). Don't think you can compete with other couples? Are you aware that if you DON'T place first, you could still win an iPad?

An iPad.

And 3rd place wins an iPod!

Seriously, what do you have to lose? Sleep? You already do that. Besides, I'd rather dance my heart out than donate (a.k.a. sell) my plasma 500 times. Wouldn't you? – Hilary Frisby

Poster designed by Kait Arndt

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fun times with shoes on

That picture to the left is of me even though it looks a little like Skyler Jenks. If you've seen Skyler recently, you know it can't be a picture of him. The picture is of someone who has his eyes open.

Skyler has been working very, very hard, along with the Business Council to put together Business Week. He's not getting much sleep. He staggers about during daylight hours, as if he has a broken foot.

Business Week is going to be a big deal this year. I predict someday people will fly home to Logan for Business Week just like they do now for Thanksgiving.

I'm an old guy and I remeber when when I was a kid and my dad used to take us to Business Week. It was always in February and we had to sit in the snow and listen to economists lecture. Of course in those days we didn't have shoes and our shirts were only made of cardboard. It was hard to focus but we made the best of our time, making funny jokes about supply-side economics and such things. What memories.

This Business Week is going to be way better. I have shoes now. They are going to be doing a Dance-A-Thon, a concert featuring this guy who is so cool he only has one name: Kalai. The real Stephen R. Covey is coming to speak. He's a Huntsman professor now and he doesn't ever lecture in the snow, so I'm looking forward to his speech.

I'll let some of the others chime in here and tell you what they are expecting. To say it like the young college kids do today, I'll put it this way: "It's going to be swell!" - Steve Eaton