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Monday, September 27, 2010

Woodstock, without the mud

It was like Woodstock without the rain and mud. We estimated more than 1,200 people filled in the side of Old Main Hill. Little kids danced and spun around like they were Deadheads at a Grateful Dead concert.

You can tell who the old bloggers are, can't you?

They lined up for the Texas Roadhouse barbecue all the way up the side of the green hill and the people kept coming until we had to order more.

The weather was perfect. Old Main made for an amazing backdrop as the sun slowly set.

Kalai played like he was at home with friends. His Bill Murray side came out as he told stories about his life and music.

Even Skyler Jenks did some time on the stage. What a natural.

When I left we didn't know yet how much had been raised for the Huntsman Cancer Institute but it looked like people were being quite generous. - Steve Eaton

P.S. The picture above of Huntsman student Jay Castro and his son Tyler, was taken by Sara Eaton.

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