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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Last Dash Relay Race

Just under 100 runners from all over the world came to compete in tonight's Last Dash Relay race. The event gave race organizers every reason to believe it can be an annual experience and it will be exciting to see how much money we can contribute to the Huntsman Cancer Institute over the years.

I spent some time talking with a runner named Patrick who came all the way from Kenya. He was in the winning coed relay group with a runner named Lisa. Lisa wasn't done winning for the night, however. In addition to the iPad she won from winning the coed division, her name was drawn in the raffle for a backpack from Al's Sporting Goods.

Kelly Olsen participated in the race with two of her daughters and their friend. She had one major problem with the course, however: it went right by her home. Apparently, seeing her home was too much of a distraction and she stopped the race right there.

I was most impressed by how happy everyone was to be contributing to a good cause. The consensus was that it was well worth the money and expended energy. People would light up when I asked them about it and it seemed like they forgot that they were recovering from a 5 or 10 mile run.

My only problem with the race was that I wasn't in it. I have already committed to run in it next year.

-Connor Child

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  1. that race was tough! And I only did half of it!