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Friday, September 24, 2010

I Can't Wait!

Huntsman students are often faced with a rigorous combination of homework, reading assignments, papers, and group projects. Add to this the fact that 75% of Huntsman students work 10+ hours per week and 86% provide volunteer service every week while in school. It's clear that Huntsman students work and study hard, play hard, and with any remaining time, sleep hard.

As a current student, I usually sleep deeply at the end of a long day but last night was an exception. I couldn't stop thinking about all the great activities that are planned for Business Week and the benefit we can be for the Huntsman Cancer Institute. It seems like there is enough variety in the events that everyone can find a few they are interested in.

"It's coming; you don't want to miss it; Business Week, 2010." - Sterling Morris

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