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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fun times with shoes on

That picture to the left is of me even though it looks a little like Skyler Jenks. If you've seen Skyler recently, you know it can't be a picture of him. The picture is of someone who has his eyes open.

Skyler has been working very, very hard, along with the Business Council to put together Business Week. He's not getting much sleep. He staggers about during daylight hours, as if he has a broken foot.

Business Week is going to be a big deal this year. I predict someday people will fly home to Logan for Business Week just like they do now for Thanksgiving.

I'm an old guy and I remeber when when I was a kid and my dad used to take us to Business Week. It was always in February and we had to sit in the snow and listen to economists lecture. Of course in those days we didn't have shoes and our shirts were only made of cardboard. It was hard to focus but we made the best of our time, making funny jokes about supply-side economics and such things. What memories.

This Business Week is going to be way better. I have shoes now. They are going to be doing a Dance-A-Thon, a concert featuring this guy who is so cool he only has one name: Kalai. The real Stephen R. Covey is coming to speak. He's a Huntsman professor now and he doesn't ever lecture in the snow, so I'm looking forward to his speech.

I'll let some of the others chime in here and tell you what they are expecting. To say it like the young college kids do today, I'll put it this way: "It's going to be swell!" - Steve Eaton


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