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Thursday, December 16, 2010


Have you heard of MIS? Do you know what it stands for or what opportunities are available for MIS students? Let's understand what MIS is all about!

Management Information Systems(MIS): "A social science that primarily focuses on the role that computers play in human settings, either individual or organizational."(1)

MIS takes the internal controls used by management (application of people, documents, technologies, and procedures) to solve problems such as costing a product, service, or a business-wide strategy. This is different than regular information systems because MIS gets to analyze other information systems applied in operational activities in the organization. (2)

The University of St. Louis describes what MIS is and the "job description" of an MIS professional: "MIS professionals utilize their business-based backgrounds in working with managers and users to specify technology needs that benefit the organization.
They analyze, design, develop, codify, implement, and manage state-of-the-art telecommunications, business, web-based, and other computer based information systems. Besides maintaining traditional transaction processing systems, today’s MIS professionals are involved in exciting growth technologies such as decision support, e-business, database development and data warehousing, development and use of client server systems, development of web-based technologies for electronic commerce and other business applications, and the design and management of telecommunications systems."(3)

Now that we know what your future career looks like, what opportunities do you have as an MIS student here at the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business?

"The Department of MIS has created a hands-on learning environment to allow students access to the latest hardware and software tools which provide them with a state of the art education."(1)

The MIS department has a willing faculty and staff filled with the expertise needed to guide you through your college experience. There are a variety of courses offered to give you the knowledge required to excel in your chosen profession.

Not only do we have a great faculty, a wide range of classes, a broad-range of career paths, but we have a club to get you connected with other professionals. The Association of Information Systems(AIS) Club is just taking off in the Huntsman School. The AIS Club is a student chapter of a global organization. This organization enables us to network and get connected with professionals, get hands-on experience with software and other computer programs, gain important knowledge about information systems, and participate in other events such as HackFest, where we learn about different web applications and technologies that some may not be familiar with.

With all of these great opportunities, why wouldn't we be MIS students? For more information check out or by clicking on the links.

3. University of St. Louis

-Cydnee Haws

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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

New Venture Consulting Group

As a student in the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business, I am getting an education that doesn’t end in the classroom. The entrepreneurial programs at Utah State allow students to become involved in the entrepreneurial process in real-world situations regardless of your major. I was selected to be a member of the New Venture Consulting Group (NVCG). The NVCG performs business plan due diligence and market research for early stage business ventures on behalf of owners, investors, and founders.

I am currently in my undergrad, studying accounting, and I hope to one day own my own business. The NVCG will help me make my dream a reality. Where else could I be given a chance to review up to 100 actual business plans over the course of a year, help determine a revenue model for a product, determine a valuation for a business about to receiving funding, and network with entrepreneurs, top students, and investors?

The NVCG is also a great resource for students and community members who are in the process of starting a business. At no cost the NVCG will review business plans and help individuals frame their business plans in order to get funding, improve their business process, or identify potential problems that need to be overcome to make their business a reality. If you would like to become involved with NVCG or would like us to review your business plan, please email us at

Isaac Bottelberghe, student at the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Professor Who Goes The Extra Mile

Throughout my years at Utah State University, I have had the privilege to take numerous classes from many outstanding professors. Ron Godfrey is a perfect example of a professor that has made a substantial difference in my life. I am currently in Professor Godfrey's Operations Management class where he not only teaches students the basic operations of a business but how to be successful and productive throughout life. In addition, Ron also spoke to my MIS 2200 class, taught by Dana Swensen, on "owning" and succeeding in an interview. The passion Ron shows for his career is an attribute I would like to demonstrate when I enter into my career as an accountant.

The one thing about Ron that stands out is he wants to get to know each and every one of his students. At the beginning of the semester, he set up meetings with each one of his students to get to know a little about them and to allow for students to get to know what resources he has to offer as both a professor and a career accelerator. In addition, Ron is always giving examples of how to perform well in an interview. He stresses that everyone should have 8-12 "behavioral" based examples that are ready to be used in an interview. Ron has taught me how to "own" an interview, and through his class I will not only be a better employee but a better person.

Ron is always saying, "Live by your core values and you will succeed." This is a very strong quote that will stick with me the rest of my life. The great thing about Utah State is that students are surrounded by professors such as Ron who help you excel not only in the classroom but outside the classroom as well. I recommend that if you have any questions about how to succeed in life that you talk to Ron, and he will provide insight to things you could never have imagined.

--Mason Clark, student at the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business