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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Find Your Voice

Tuesday night we learned about intersections in our “Great Work, Great Career” class.
The course, based on the book by Stephen R. Covey and Jennifer Colosimo by the same name, helps people identify and develop their unique skills and passions. It also helps people better tap those skills and it prepares them for the job market by helping them improve their resume and interviewing skills.

Tuesday we had the wonderful opportunity to hear from Lynne Pettit, career acceleration specialist and course facilitator. The topic of discussion, based on the readings and online assignments done before hand, was entitled, “Find Your Voice.” Professor Pettit shared many stories and examples to illustrate the importance of each person discovering and tapping their own talents to contribute, not only the workplace, but, in life in general. He said that while there is suffering and hardship in the world, such realities should not detour us from proactively doing what we can to improve things. We must change the focus from looking at the circumstances that impact us, to discovering how we can better draw on our own talents, strengths and abilities to help those around us, he said.

In his book and online, Dr. Covey explains what he means when he says we should discover our voice. The book says that each person needs to find what they feel is a worthy cause that taps their talents, fuels their passion and meets a need. It’s at the intersection of what he calls talent, passion, need and conscience that one finds their voice.

As Dr. Covey said, “Regardless of the historical, societal, and environmental challenges and opportunities you uniquely face, you have immense choice in what to do right now.”

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