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Monday, May 16, 2011

Class based on Stephen Covey book to start May 17

The Great Work Great Career Summer 2011 session is ready to go!

This will be the fourth group that has gone through this nine-week training group. The course is based on the book by Stephen R. Covey and Jennifer Colosimo entitled Great Work Great Career. The course helps identify and develop your unique skills and passions and how to put them to use, as well as improving your resume and interviewing skills.

Registration for this group is closed, however, students may apply for the Fall 2011 session toward the end of the summer. The cost for the course is $99 which includes the book and access to the Stephen Covey Community website.

This past week things have really been coming together for the summer session. We are so excited to meet so many new participants, as well as have the great opportunity to hear from so many great speakers. As of yesterday, all the guest speakers are all locked in and ready to go! We’ve really put a lot of effort into continuing this program’s reputation of quality, knowledgeable and experienced guest speakers.

For this session, our real pride and joy is the student workbook. We have put considerable time and effort into creating a workbook that will supplement the book, as well as the progression of this course. The workbook has been designed to go right along with the course, making it easier for students to take notes during the specified readings, videos, guest speakers and class discussions. It will really add to the ongoing development and integrity of the course.

Our opening social is this Tuesday, May 17, where we are going to have the opportunity to hear from Dr. Chris Fawson, professor and associate dean for international and entrepreneurial programs, Barbara Sidwell, career accelerator and Great Work Great Career alumna and finally, Lynne Pettit, career accelerator and course facilitator. It will be a great night to better get to know one another and be enlightened by some of our elite staff.

~Great Work Great Career Team

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