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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

A Grand Entrance

New Grand Entrance
One of the main criteria we established for the design of our new building is that it be an “integrated complex.” By “integrated complex” we mean that the new Huntsman Hall building had to be completely integrated into, and linked with, the existing Eccles Business Building.

We are very pleased with the overall way the building designers have solved this challenge. An important part of their solution was to create a grand entrance. This is located at what is currently the NW corner of the existing Eccles Business Building. I have included a rendering of the grand entrance so you can see that it is one entrance for the two different buildings.
Steel Structure

While analyzing the need for a grand entrance, the building designers did a study of what percent of people enter and exit the building through each entrance. They found that 75 percent of the inflow and outflow of the current Eccles Business Building is through the NW entrance. We think that percent may actually increase due to the location of the new classrooms, the new meeting rooms, and the cafeteria. Based on the analysis and how the design integrated the two buildings, we endorsed re-construction of the existing entrance so that it can be a grand entrance for both buildings.

The reconstruction of the existing entrance started over the holidays. The construction company had to demolish the old structure of the entrance and replace it with a new steel structure that will support the new entrance that will serve both buildings. This was not accomplished without some complications. In demolishing the old structure, we found that the structure was not built according to the drawings on file. The construction company did a nice job adjusting to this change. They are just finishing the new steel structure. The attached picture is of the welders finishing up the work on the new steel structure.

Ken Snyder

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