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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

HMA Marketing Week: Zagg Case Competition Kickoff, Inside the Game

By Eliza Thacker

Monday night was the Huntsman Marketing Association Zagg Case Competition Kickoff. I attended thinking that it would be a fun contest where I would meet some new people and learn a few marketing principles. I soon discovered that the competition would be much more exciting that I had imagined. One of Zagg's top executives talked to us about Zagg and its affiliate companies, and then challenged our teams to come up with a new idea for Zagg. Furthermore, he told us our teams would present our ideas to Zagg's top product managers in a week's time if we pass the qualifying round. It looks like this competition is going to be an intense race to the finish; however, my team is ready to meet the challenge!

Preliminaries, here we come!

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