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Thursday, January 29, 2015

HMA Marketing Week Guest Speaker: Morgan Pederson

By Sheii Lindley

Morgan Pederson is the Visual and PR director for an up and coming shoe designer, Yosi Samra, in New York City. She graduated from Utah State University five years ago from the interior design department. I was lucky enough to be the student host for Morgan during her stay in Logan and was so impressed with her ability to remember people and constantly be aware of her surroundings as she documented her experiences through social media.

On Tuesday night Morgan spoke in the O.C. Tanner lounge to a packed house of marketing students. She shared with us her incredible transition from Utah to The Big Apple, what it took to get there, as well as many bits of great advice on self-branding. Morgan discussed the importance of 24-hour networking. She stressed making meaningful connections with everyone you meet, regardless of their status; stating that those connections could open many doors.

Morgan shared with us her secret formula called, "social stalking," or creative contacting. She described learning about someone through their various social media platforms, entering their conversations and making connections that lead to face-to-face meetings and potential job offers. She said the key is to start with the least personal social media platform and then make your way full circle to a personal connection. Her first job with a well-known New York interior designer was gained through the use of social stalking. It began with a bit of research, followed by adding her on social media, commenting on her posts, and then starting a conversation which led to a dinner meeting and eventually an offer for employment.

If you’re interested in viewing the full presentation, all creative tips and tools included, go here:

For more information on Morgan Pederson check out her website at:, or follow her on twitter: @morgancreative.

Morgan Pederson

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