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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Spring New Huntsman Student Orientation

Associate Dean Dave Patel started the spring new-student orientation by defining the importance of the Huntsman School's four pillars. He explained that analytical rigor is more than just doing well in class; it’s about thinking. “Thinking before we speak, before we write and before we do,” he said. Patel then explained that understanding the global economy can affect all we do. By having global vision, we can take advantage of opportunities that may have otherwise passed us. Entrepreneurial Spirit is a state of mind, Patel petitioned. “We must be open to new opportunities,” he said. Then he stated that there is no such thing as being 98 percent honest. Ethical leadership means we are always honest in all we do.

He concluded with three suggestions: work hard, live with purpose and be open to opportunities.

Ruth Harrison, Director of Undergraduate Programs, then explained how each student’s Huntsman Experience should be different than anyone else’s. She mentioned the importance of meeting with advisors on time, career opportunities available on campus (such as Career Aggie) and fostering meaningful relationships with faculty.

To finish off the orientation business senator, Scott Laneri, gave three pieces of advice. First was to get to know professors outside the classroom. “Introduce yourself after class and meet with them during their office hours,” he suggested. He also proposed to take advantage of all the opportunities available through the Huntsman School. He mentioned that his Go Global experiences shaped the way he thinks and lives every day. And lastly, he encouraged each new student to go on a Career Exploration Trip and join a club.

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