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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

January 26, 2015 – The Busiest Day

January 26, 2014 was the busiest day yet in the construction of Huntsman Hall. We had more people on site, and more different projects going on, than any previous day since we started construction.

The reason for so much going on was the combination of progress we've recently made, combined with the great weather. This list may be incomplete, but here’s what happened on January 26:

· We finished the roof on the two wings of the building. There’s a final membrane sealant that requires the temperature to be above 40 degrees when it is applied.

· We laid the steel support in the curved area to prepare to pour the concrete floor slabs later this week.

· The masons continued to lay bricks on both the outside (north face) and inside (Level 1).

· The sub-contractor building the tiers in the tiered classrooms had a couple of teams working the Level 1 classrooms.

· There was a team installing the drywall and acoustical tile walls in the Level 1 classrooms.

· The glass sub-contractor was finishing up the preparation to hang the sheet glass that will be the exterior wall on the west side of the west wing.

· And the electricians kept plugging away at installing the electrical service to classrooms.

A busy day. But we’re moving ahead. Now if only the weather can stay in the 40s…

Ken Snyder

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