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Monday, December 8, 2014


Glass walls on Huntsman Hall
Usually walls are seen as barriers – often, barriers that need to be torn down. Sometimes that’s what we need to do in education – tear down comfort zones, tear down broken practices of business, etc., to achieve success.

But sometimes walls can be good. They protect us from the elements. And they can decorate our lives.

Last week, at long last (drumroll please…) the walls started going up on Huntsman Hall. These walls are the glass exterior walls that enclose the building.

It is difficult to see the walls from any of the webcams because the place the glass walls are being installed first is on the inward side of the building – the side facing the Eccles business building – and not on the outside face of the building visible to the public.

It is amazing how quickly the glass walls can be “hung” (I use that word because that is literally how the large glass panes are installed). In just four days, a significant portion of the ground floor, west wing and inward side, are now complete. As the glass wall installation continues over the next few weeks, the look of the building will change dramatically.

The building will really start to look like a building!

Ken Snyder

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