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Friday, October 3, 2014

HMA Brand Yourself Event

By Maddy Coast

This event was truly a great way to kick off the month of October. With a crowd of no more than twenty-five people, I didn’t feel over-whelmed or intimidated at the Marketing Association’s affair, which featured guest speaker Phil Jacobson. Phil’s presentation was personable and genuine which made me feel like I was being talked to instead of talked at. Through his use of baseball analogies, stories, and genuine manner, Phil was relatable and interactive. He discussed his personal background, education, and work experience and talked about how it shaped him and his decision to start a franchise of Amada Senior Care in Utah. His overall message was that when it comes to networking, interviewing, and making business connections, the best thing to do is to be yourself. He said that in his experience, being a genuine and personable character is not only what employers look for, but also the best way to make authentic contacts. Likeability is what makes people want to work and interact with you, so showing a “fun” side can be advantageous.

For me, listening to him was refreshing because he was honest and funny, and helped me get a better understanding of how to stand out from the crowd and why it’s so important just to act natural and confident in any business situation. Any business student would have gained a lot from the presentation, especially because it was followed up with a session of questions and answers with professors. The event was a great way just to get involved, learn something, get some questions answered, and get my foot door of the Huntsman School of Business.

Phil Jacobson presents to HMA Club

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