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Monday, September 29, 2014

To Top It All Off

Over the past two weeks, the construction workers started building the roof support structure. It is always exciting to see the next level to go on top of the building – and then the next – and the next. But this is the beginning of the end. Pretty soon, there won’t be any new levels to celebrate. I’m OK with that. I’d rather just get the building finished.

Photo of construction workers welding together the roof support structure

As I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, due to staging, the contractor is building the building as three separate parts. The part of the building that is furthest along, and where the roof structure is being built, is appropriately referred to as Area 1 or Area A (depending on the person). It is the northwest part of the new building. This is the area where the roof support structure is being erected now (see photo).

I am looking forward to the topping it all off!

Ken Snyder

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