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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Go Global: Eastern Europe 2014

Melanie Barlow
Eastern Europe 2014

I am a senior enrolled in the Huntsman School of Business, but unlike most students, I have been happily married for 17 years and have four beautiful children. Recently, I took the opportunity to travel to Eastern Europe with Go Global. You may ask why I would want to leave my family behind? My answer is for the amazing experience and opportunities provided to me and, in turn, my family. My passion for success stems from the love of my family. While in the process of earning an economics degree, my appreciation and appetite for knowledge led me to the conclusion that the world is much larger than Utah and the United States. I wanted to immerse myself in the economic views and concerns of people around the world.

Engagement with the world of international business has opened my eyes. I was able to speak with
Huntsman Students at the Istanbul Stock Exchange
professionals and discuss their views of business, receive advice on how the US can improve internationally, and spoke with employees about the likes and dislikes of the companies they work for. I had the chance to have lunch with a top executive, bonding over the joys of our children. He commented that many new employees directly out of college are unethical. I was proud to represent USU and tell him about SAEL (Society for the Advancement of Ethical Leadership) which teaches the importance of an ethical workplace. Being so deeply immersed has solidified my plans to work internationally, strengthened my ability to work with others while staying focused and alert in meeting even though feeling jet-lagged, learning to find food while in an exotic city, and developing the ability to quickly calculate exchange rates.

The best way to learn about the Go Global program is to go for yourself. I highly recommend that everyone take advantage of this wonderful opportunity. Take the time to set goals and monitor results through a detailed journal. You will be amazed at what you learn and how you will personally grow on your own journey.

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