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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

FJ Management Center for Student Success

Classroom BUS 317 pre-rennovation
Classrooms 317 and 319 post-rennovation
Over the past few years, the most frequent question I am asked about the new building is, “Why do you need a new building?” My usual reply is something along the lines of, “We need space to do all of the terrific things that will help our students succeed.” Most people don’t understand this vague answer. It isn’t until I get into specifics – things such as the advantages of the new classrooms, the 21 new student meeting rooms, etc. – that the inquirer starts to understand.

Last Thursday we had a terrific example of how a new space can open up opportunities to help our students succeed. We celebrated the opening of the FJ Management Center for Student Success. We decided to place this center in the existing Eccles building because we wanted to build on the nice advising center space that was renovated a few years ago. As reported earlier (see my blog from September 10, 2012), we converted some existing, awful, classrooms to beautiful new space for this center. We are grateful to Crystal and Chuck Maggelet, and all of the others at FJ Management who made this terrific new center possible.

This is a wonderful example of how having the right space can help fulfill the desired purpose!

You can read more about the new FJ Management Center in our press release, or from the center website.

Link to the press release:

Link to the center website:

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