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Monday, September 10, 2012

“The Caves” to Become Prime Real Estate

We’ve talked a lot about our idea for the new building, Huntsman Hall, but by the time the construction dust settles, this project will also include renovation work to the George S. Eccles Business Building too.

Our plan is to renovate two large classrooms on the third floor of the George S. Eccles Business Building that are so big and so deep that students say they can barely hear in the back of the room. Teachers and students alike have taken to calling room 317 and 319 “The Caves.” We chose this easily accessible location for expanded student services because it is easily accessible by our students. It is prime real estate because all of our students will pass by this area as they go back and forth to classes.

We plan to keep the space we now use for the Programs and Advising Center and renovate rooms 317 and 319 to double the amount of space we have available for student services. Students will be able to go there for academic, internship and career guidance.

Our architects have come back with a really good design that we liked. It will have two entrances and reception areas and more conference rooms we can use. I’ve attached the latest plans for this new advising center. Please take a look.

Ken Snyder

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