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Monday, September 22, 2014

HMA Medical Sales Blitz

Last week the Huntsman Marketing Association went through a medical sales blitz where students had the opportunity to interview with Ray Fujikawa the Senior Vice President of Commercial Strategy at Orthofix, a Global medical device company. The following are perspectives from the couple of students who were lucky enough to interview with him using the new FJ Management Center.

Bree Arnold
I had the opportunity to attend a lecture and interview with Ray Fujikawa. I feel proud to say I was the second student to ever interview in the new FJ Management Center in the Huntsman Business School. Mr. Fujikawa's lecture was very good. He talked about becoming a Student of the Game (SOTG). The point of SOTG is a way for sales professionals to become the best that they can be. It is important to learn as much information from a client before we try to "fix" problems they have. He gave a few different examples of things good and bad sales people have done. He is a very engaging and dynamic person. I also appreciated the opportunity to interview with him. This put him on a "real" level. It was nice to interact with him one on one. He is a very accomplished individual and he gave me great advice for my future career.

Ray Fujikawa teaches the HMA club

 Lendel Jeppesen
The Huntsman School of Business is moving to new heights and I am glad to be a part of it.
Last week I was able to attend the medical sales blitz where I interviewed with Ray Fujikawa. He comes every spring and fall looking for Aggies to interview and potentially hire into a very competitive and lucrative industry. It is very difficult for one to get his or her foot in the door and even harder to land a job; he comes for talent. The FJ Management Center is a great asset, as it allows companies to come right to campus and interview us in an environment we love and are comfortable with. Professionals like Ray come to hire us to be the solution to the challenges they face in their respective industries. They come to the Huntsman School because we have been trained sufficiently to meet the demands of companies today. Interviewing with Ray was an important event in my career here at USU and taught me so much about what the job market seeks in its new hires. I learned about what I have to offer that is valuable and where I lack and need to grow. I suspect that as I look back on my collegiate experience, interviewing with Ray will be one of my coolest moments. I invite anyone interested in accelerating their career to take the opportunity and learn from it - capitalize on it. Take advantage of all the resources that the Huntsman School has to offer. I decided to give it a try and will not pass on another opportunity as long as I am here.

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