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Friday, October 24, 2014

HMA Stukent Internet Marketing Competition: Round Four

By Jason Porter

Round four I am seeing the results of my ad experiments and research. All my statistics are going up again. A/B testing works out slowly for me, but it does work. I can see where one ad boosts click through rates compared to the other. Perhaps if I had started this testing in the practice round I might have been able to boost my conversions higher by now. As it is my statistics aren't bad for someone with little formal training. I like seeing what effect my decisions have without sacrificing my money to see it.

On a bright note I am making the email marketing part work well for me. One of the campaigns has nearly a 100 percent open rate (nearly unheard of in the industry) and is converting 50 percent of my leads into buys (also extremely high). Just one more round to go! Thanks to our sponsors, Utah Mattress Outlet, and Stukent!

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