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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Opportunity Scholarship: Ashley Huntington

Ashley Huntington, Marketing

In Spring of 2014 I took the opportunity to go on a Go Global trip with the Huntsman School of Business to London. In preparation, I applied and received an Opportunity Scholarship from the Huntsman School. This financial aid made a great difference in my ability to afford the Go Global trip. My scholarship covered half of my program's expenses and gave me the financial security to fully enjoy my global experience without the overwhelming stress of making ends meet. This experience was one that changed my life and opened my eyes to the possibilities of global business.

While I was in London I had the chance to visit businesses that ranged from finance and banking, to
Ashley Huntington in London
marketing and retail. I learned about million-dollar businesses from men and women who ran those companies. I dined with corporate executives, successful entrepreneurs, and fellow USU alumni. I met and made connections with people I never would have dreamed possible without the Go Global program. In one visit, I had the chance to mingle and speak with accountants from Africa and India who had traveled all the way to London to take accounting courses from an accounting education business based in the city. Those types of opportunities do not come around very often and I feel privileged to have had that experience.

In addition to the business visits, I also had the chance to see amazing sights. St. Paul’s Cathedral, the Tower of London, and Buckingham Palace were just a few of the incredible places I visited. However, my favorite part of this entire experience was the friendships that I made with my fellow students in the program. I went into this opportunity looking for a global experience, and walked out with better business understanding, many unforgettable memories, and incredible lasting friendships. Without the Opportunity Scholarship, my time in London would not have happened as easily. I am incredible grateful for the financial support I received from this scholarship. It is an experience I will never forget.

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