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Friday, July 22, 2011

Seattle Day 2 (Thursday, July 21st)

In front of Pike Place Market
This morning we had a great time enjoying the wonderful city of Seattle by going to Pike Place Market, one of the most famous farmer's markets in the world. Although this activity was a fun break, it was still fascinating to see a different aspect of business with hundreds of little businesses selling a variety of knick-knacks. The market had a distinct smell of fresh flowers and, of course, FISH!

It was amazing to see so many different flower vendors and the beautiful bouquets that they were selling. We were also able to see the famous fish throwing and as several of us discussed, we realized there are only a few people in the world who can be considered a tourist attraction, but the fish guys at Pike Place Market clearly fall into that category.

Pike Place Market
A few of us ate a delicious lunch at the “Athenian” this great diner looking out over Puget Sound. For those of you who lived through the '90s or love romantic comedies, you’ll know that this little restaurant is one of the locations where Tom Hanks is filmed eating in the movie, “Sleepless in Seattle.” I ordered a delicious crab cake sandwich that was very tasty.

In the afternoon we met with Phil Bussey who was the President of the Seattle Chamber of Commerce. It was really interesting being able to realize the role the Chamber of Commerce can play in the business world. The Seattle Chamber of Commerce has done a lot recently to keep up with the innovative feel of Seattle by implementing some really key programs.  

Crab Pot
Brent Meacham
Later in the evening, several of us went to Crab Pot, another famous Seattle restaurant. I ordered a slew of seafood and after devouring my full Crab, lots of mussels, shrimp, and other food I realized that I prefer the deep fried seafood covered in batter…with the exception of the crab…it was DELICIOUS!!!

It was a fun day experiencing the culture of Seattle. I’m excited for the fun visits we have coming up tomorrow and I can hardly believe our exciting week is coming to an end tomorrow! I guess I'll just have to live it up until then.

Brent Meacham

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