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Friday, July 15, 2011

Do college graduates remember what their student experience was like?

Whether you’re a recent grad or recent retiree, we all remember those long nights and longer study sessions spent cramming for that ever-so-important exam. We juggled a swinging single social life or caring for kids, working 20 to 40 hours a week, an internship and not to mention what seemed a more-than-full time school schedule. Yep, it was a wonderfully busy time (emphasis on the wonderfully, though, right?). Now, some of us have moved on into the real world. Hopefully we will get to use that degree we worked so hard for, and hopefully we can continue to dare mighty things. The question is, “Do we remember what it’s like to be a college student?” Things may have changed, so we’ve supplied a quiz to give an idea of where you might fit on the scale.
Rob Goates
How do you relax?
1.       Night on the town, cruising Main Street, spending time with the apple of my eye.
2.       Drive up Logan Canyon, pay Old Juniper a visit (rest assured, he hasn’t changed).
3.       You’ll find me in the front row at the Spectrum, losing my voice.
4.       Stay inside, hanging with the roomies, watching that flick or TV show we just can’t get enough of.
5.       Speaking of can’t get enough, I need to study, back to the library!
What do you eat?
1.       I’m poor, the only thing I can afford has noodles in it, i.e. ramen and cup of noodles (and we loved them!).
2.       Don’t have time, eating is a luxury, grab that energy bar and get to class.
3.       Go with my sweetums out to that restaurant that we love, no matter the price.
4.       Marketplace, Sky Room, Junction and the Hub, every meal, every day.
5.       Live off the land, thar’ are turkeys in them hills.
What do you drive?
1.       Honestly, anything that gets me from point A to point B.
2.       I don’t need to drive, I live on campus.
3.       I wouldn’t say I drive it, but it does look good in the mechanic’s shop. Luckily, Cache Valley Transit is free...
4.       Are you kidding? Cycling is the only way to go, come rain or shine.
5.       Sports car, enough said.

1.       I sleep better when it’s not raining because my lean-to shelter I call “home” gets wet.
2.       I sleep better when it’s not raining as well but because our ceiling leaks so badly.
3.       Excellent, the house I own is top-notch.
4.       Study now, sleep later. I can sleep when I’m dead.
5.       Dead asleep; the Howl last night was so much fun.
Now count your points!
How do you relax?  1 = 5 points, 2 = 2 points, 3 = 4 points, 4 = 1 point, 5 = 3 points

What do you eat?  1 = 1 point, 2 = 3 points, 3 = 5 points, 4 = 4 points, 5 = 2 points
What do you drive?  1 = 3 points, 2 = 4 points, 3 = 1 point, 4 = 2 points, 5 = 5 points
How is your sleep?  1 = 2 points, 2 = 1 point, 3 = 5 points, 4 = 3 points, 5 = 4 points
5-7 points, Congratulations, you definitely remember what it’s like to be a student! You may consider yourself “economically-friendly,” but when it comes down to it, you are POOR. But deep down inside, you look back on it with fondness and look forward to those experiences for your kids.
8-10 points, Congratulations, you definitely remember what it’s like to be a student! Taking advantage of the beautiful landscape that Logan has to offer is one of your fortes. You may have skied the Beav or fished at Second Dam, but you were there, enjoying every minute.
11-13 points, Congratulations, you definitely remember what it’s like to be a student! You were a studying machine with the drive of a jet engine. Working those all-nighters and running on empty, you’re hopefully now enjoying the fruits of your labors (and remembering your alma mater J).
14-16 points, Congratulations, you definitely remember what it’s like to be a student! What a socialite you are, you make events successful and work hard to get the most from what’s offered. Because of you, the traditions that make Utah State great live on.
17-19 points, Congratulations, you definitely remember what it’s like to be a student! While you weren’t the wealthiest, you still enjoyed many comforts during your college years and knew how to take advantage of what was given you.
20 points, Uh, you definitely DO NOT remember what it’s like to be a student! If you are in this group, I wish I were friends with you. You are one of the very select few that really enjoyed a plush lifestyle in college.

Rob Goates

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