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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Build your village

Tuesday night we had the opportunity to hear from Barry Heninger, career accelerator and professor for the Huntsman School. Mr. Heninger shared the many experiences he has had throughout the progression of his career.

In Dr. Covey’s book, he teaches of the difference between simply a group of people you know and a “village.” He explains that in a village there are many diverse skills, talents, and professions, where each individual helps the other. Mr. Heninger shared multiple experiences where he was able to escalate his career through networking, and he also talked about times when he was able to help others out along the way. Mr. Heninger cautioned us to give at least as much as we receive.

We discussed different ways to network and build our village through social networking sites, as well as taking advantage of the many people we are associated with at our various jobs, internships and even our classes.

The main principle of Mr. Heninger’s counsel was clearly stated: “To get a great career, you have to ask for it.”

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