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Monday, July 25, 2011

San Francisco/Seattle trip recap

After a busy week of visiting some of the biggest companies in existence and learning everything there is to know about how to get a job, the time finally came to go home. I wasn't very excited to end the trip. It felt like just yesterday we were getting off the plane in San Francisco.

I learned a lot of really important things while I was out there. I learned the importance of networking and getting to know everybody you can. In the long run, you never know who will be able to help you get a job. From people you meet at a little league soccer game to a contact your friend said hi to one time at a coffee shop, I've heard real stories of how these kinds of contacts have helped people get the jobs they want.

I also really enjoyed being able to learn and understand how important a company's personality is. Each company has a different culture/personality, and because of that people with the same idea of culture enjoy working at those places more than they would another place. Before this trip I just thought I would pick a place that was cool and hope to get a job there; now I've learned that I should research the company personality and what working there is actually like. If you do this I would dare say you could be a happy employee of that corporation the rest of your life!

There are so many opportunities outside of our state and I will forever be indebted to these cities and the people who helped me learn what I did while on this trip. I would encourage any student to go on a trip like this because the things you learn out there can't be learned in the classroom.

Week recap video:

Braden Thompson

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