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Friday, June 1, 2012

A tunnel will make the Huntsman School of Business better connected

A Tunnel will make the Huntsman School of Business better connected

In less than a month, our contractors will begin tunneling their way toward the George S. Eccles Business Building. As many of you may be aware, USU uses a campus-wide tunnel system to provide utilities to many of the buildings on campus. The utilities delivered through the campus tunnel system include heat, electricity, internet, etc. The George S. Eccles Business Building has not been attached to the campus-wide tunnel system. The construction plans for the new business building include extending the utility tunnel so that the utilities for both the new building – Huntsman Hall – and for our current Eccles building, will be fed through a utility tunnel.

The work to extend the campus utility tunnel to the Huntsman School of Business will begin on Monday, June 4. The tunnel extension will run from north of the new College of Agriculture Building eastward to the north side of the Eccles building. A construction fence will be installed on the north and west sides of the building. The red line on the attached map shows the approximate location of the construction fence.

I’m sharing this graphic with you so that you can see that the northwest entrance to the Eccles Business Building will be closed until the tunnel expansion project is finished. We expect this work to be completed before August 15th. All other entrances to the Eccles building will be open for use.

Ken Snyder

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