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Saturday, June 23, 2012

A Single Mom Perserveres to Get an MBA

In this month's Huntsman Post I wrote an article highlighting three outstanding MBA students. Here is the story of one.

A Single Mom Perseveres to Get an MBA

Melinda Ryan is a student whose life will be changed forever because of the Huntsman School MBA program. When Melinda finished an undergraduate at USU, she desired to go on and earn an MBA, but things weren’t that simple for her.
Melinda Ryan with her son
After getting a divorce her senior year at USU, Melinda needed to care for her son on her own. When she showed interest in earning her MBA at the Huntsman School, Dave Patel, assistant dean, worked to offer Melinda a full-time job with benefits and half tuition, so that she would be able to attend the MBA program here.

When fall came Melinda was working close to 50 hours a week, and her son was starting kindergarten.

“I thought I couldn’t do it,” Melinda said, “but I just put my head down and powered through.”

After thriving in networking opportunities with several companies and professionals introduced to her by the Huntsman School, she received a job in Seattle, WA., that she started this month.
“It’s so hard to get ahead when everything is against you,” she said. “I am so fortunate and grateful for the faculty and all those who helped me get to where I am.”

For the complete story click here.

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