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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Schematic Design for Building Brings Project into Focus

Schematic Design For Building Brings Project Into Focus

The vision for what Huntsman Hall will look like is getting more detailed. In fact, we have 70 pages of detail at this point.

Our architects have just finished what is called the schematic design for the new building. This 70-page plan is a design that is detailed enough that our contractor can take it to its subcontractors and come up with a better estimate of what it will cost to bring our vision into reality. With such detailed plans in hand our contractor can also suggest changes that will save us money or flag ideas that could prove more expensive than we anticipated.

These are not the final designs. They will show, for example, where the chairs in the classrooms go but not the exact type of chairs we will put there. They will detail where each door goes but not the varnish on the door.

It’s all part of the big plan. Each step we take forward we have a clearer view of what is to come. Soon our contractors will begin building; right now it’s momentum that’s building and that, in the grand scheme of things, is exactly what should be happening.

Ken Snyder

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