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Friday, June 8, 2012

One More Semester Please

This May I walked across the stage of Commencement. However, something differentiated me from many other graduates. Instead of organizing into procession lines with sighs of relief or statements of “Finally!”, I was wishing for one more year at Utah State University.

There are so many opportunities at USU, and in particular, the Huntsman School of Business. As my university years have passed by, I have become more aware of  the amazing opportunities that are available to USU students. I wish that I could have one more year to take advantage of these opportunities, and especially the opportunities to travel abroad.

I believe that international experiences expand perspectives. In coming to college, I did not expect much. I was here to learn and get a silly piece of paper so I could get a “good enough” job that I could support my real interests on my time off. However, my time at the School of Business has challenged my self-set limitations by expanding the perspective of my contribution to society.

In the spirit of compromise, I delayed my graduation only one more semester, so that I could take advantage of a new study abroad to Amman, Jordan. I just finished the program living in Marj Alhamam and have floated in the Dead Sea, ridden a camel through Petra, and eaten breakfast at a professor’s house while discussing the economic prospects of her students.

I encourage all students to get involved and take advantage of the opportunities available, especially those that take you internationally.

And while I’m sad to leave USU, I finally feel ready to dare mighty things.

-Becky Kelley
Becky in front of Mount Nebo in Jordan

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