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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Experiencing My Expectations

Experiencing My Expectations
            I never considered myself an adventurous person. In fact, before this last semester, I had never truly traveled outside of Utah or Idaho (not counting the occasional vacation to Washington or Ohio to visit my siblings). When I came to Utah State University two years ago, I fully expected to spend the next four years of my life in Cache Valley; my expectations were wrong. The Huntsman School of Business courted me to a different lifestyle. They painted me a lifestyle full of adventures that I would have never taken on my own, adventures that will redefine my  perceptions, adventures that will drive my success in life. Once I had seen that painting, I could not get the image out of my head. I could see the iconic Great Wall of China, and the immortal Terracotta Army. I could see the technological advances of South Korea and the vast rice fields of Vietnam. I could see myself in Asia.
            With the Go Global Asia Study Abroad engraved in my thoughts, I began the long journey of preparation. I attended an Asia culture class in the spring while organizing my passport, visa, and travel details with the Huntsman School of Business. The end of spring semester brought me no academic relief as I started the Go Global classes the week following.  After three weeks of MGT 3110, ECON 3400, and MGT 3500, I have arrived at the doorstep to my new life: tomorrow my flight leaves for Vietnam. Months of waiting have built up my expectations. My past, however, has taught me that things do not always turn out as you expect, and that is what I am anticipating. Tomorrow is the day that I stop expecting, and start experiencing.

--Lindsey McBride

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