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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

There is one glass ceiling I would like to see in place

I think it would be cool if part of the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business had a glass ceiling. I’m not talking about an invisible barrier to advancement, but a real glass ceiling.

Ken Snyder
Our current plans for our new building would create an open space for a courtyard between the George S. Eccles Business Building and Huntsman Hall. We envision a courtyard with some bricked walkways, trees, benches and some tables for students and faculty. It would be a great place to study or take a lunch break. We would like to use the brick walked ways as a sort of fund-raising opportunity.

Our solid supporters, who want to contribute but may not have the means for a major gift, may have their contributions recognized by having their names etched in bricks that will become a permanent part of the courtyard. The etched bricks will prove a tangible reminder that they too shared the vision of what the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business could be and evidence that they helped lay the foundation for what it would become.

The courtyard would be lower than the ground level around the building, and it would match up with the floor level of our basement. That will give some natural light to the first floor (the basement floor) of the new building.

We really think it would make that space even more usable if we put a glass canopy over the top. Due to the greenhouse-type environment, we think it could be used year round. It wouldn’t be heated or air conditioned, but I suspect the sun would help us heat it in the winter and it might be a nice place to enjoy a rain storm in the summer.

Our current budget includes no money for a cover between the buildings but maybe a generous donor will take an interest in the idea and offer us a donation to make it happen. Do you someone who might be willing to fund a glass canopy?

We are all about Daring Mighty Things, right? In this case we can increase or vision, set our sights on the sky, and do it all without getting cold or wet.

- Ken Snyder

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