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Friday, March 30, 2012

Go in search of the arc of the construction – it’s where the outer limits are

There were probably a handful of people who wondered last week why a red dotted line crossed the parking lot on the west side of the George S. Eccles Business Building and looped around on the grass in front of Lund Hall.

Ken Snyder
The dotted line is some of the first outdoor evidence of the new Huntsman Hall. It’s a rough line that our contractors drew on the pavement and grass that marks where the outer edge of our new building will be.

The rain hasn’t washed it all away yet. If you haven’t noticed it, go out in the parking lot or in front of Lund Hall and see if you can find the line. You might be surprised to see just how big the footprint is for this new building.

This is the first sign that construction is about to begin.

By this fall there will be a lot more to see than just some faded red dotted line. I’m sure, however, that the visionaries won’t want to wait until construction begins so I shared this piece of inside news in the blog. Think about it. How many times will you the opportunity to say to your friends, “Not now, I’m looking for the arc in the ground.”

- Ken Snyder


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