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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Taco Bell’s New Dorito Loco Taco’s – Awesome!

Eric D. Schulz
If you haven’t already been to Taco Bell to try out their new tacos featuring a Dorito’s taco shell, you need to go ASAP! These new tasty gems are called Dorito’s Loco Tacos (in both regular and Supreme versions), and cost about a dime more than the taco counterparts in the regular corn taco shells. These things are an awesome new product and worth the dime upcharge!

Not only is the product a brilliant line extension for Doritos, but I give credit to the Taco Bell marketing team for their introductory campaign. Virtually every point of contact at the store, from window signs to the little pithy sayings on the hot sauce pouches, to the menu boards, are all dedicated to promoting and marketing the Dorito Loco Tacos. Great synergy. Great focus. The TV spot featuring the group of 20 something friends who drove over 900 miles to try it out when it was still in test market is a little far-fetched (I think they could have done a better TV ad), but otherwise, Taco Bell gets an “A” for their new product, and an “A-“ for their introductory marketing campaign.

Taco Bell: Live Mas Today!

Taco Bell Doritos Locos Tacos Commercial

- Eric D. Schulz

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