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Friday, March 2, 2012

Huntsman Hall will feature new event space

There are a few people, mostly those who lead clubs, departments or other organizations within the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business, who have learned that in one area the school’s capacity is limited. They know that if they want to hold an event to host VIP visitors or a special meeting, there’s a good chance they won’t be able to use the only space we now have for such things because it will already be booked.

Ken Snyder
The O.C. Tanner Business Lounge on the ninth floor is sometimes double or triple booked, meaning that if someone were to cancel their reservation there might be two other groups that would be ready to claim the space and time.

Once Huntsman Hall is completed, there will be more options available. We plan to include some event space in that new facility that will be four times as large as what we have on the ninth floor. The new room will be designed so that it can be broken into two separate mid-sized rooms. We will also have an executive conference room, something we don’t have now, that can be used for special meetings such as hosting our National Advisory Board.

When Huntsman Hall is completed we’ll continue to use the ninth floor, but our new event space will also offer spectacular views of south Cache Valley. As we planned what to put in Huntsman Hall, every single group we spoke with said they were frustrated by the lack of available space for special events, speakers, luncheons or club meetings. Huntsman Hall will open the doors to more visionary, celebratory and inspirational events, all things that are continually a part of a school that is transforming itself into a top-tier institution.

- Ken Snyder

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