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Thursday, June 23, 2011

A student explains why he has enjoyed being in the Huntsman School

Deciding to attend the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business at Utah State University has been a wonderful decision in my life.  The experience I have had in the school has helped me to know that I want to further my education in the field of business.  The main factors that have contributed to my experience at this business school have been the enthusiastic students, the wonderful and caring instructors and the overall curriculum.

In the classes I enrolled in, I had the opportunity to work a lot with other business students.  I made new friends, learned new things and had a lot of fun as I worked with them.  I could sense their enthusiasm and desire to learn, which in turn increased my enthusiasm and desire to learn. 

The instructors I have had have been outstanding.  I can feel that they want me to truly learn and succeed.  The instructors try to involve the students as much as possible and are always inviting them to meet outside of the classrooms for extra help.  My instructors have had a great influence on the wonderful experience I have had thus far in my studies.

Another contributing factor of my experience has been the overall curriculum.  Every day that I go to class, I learn valuable knowledge and gain useful skills that I can apply in numerous ways.  I feel that the classes offered are focused to provide each student with the knowledge and skills he or she needs to achieve success.

The outstanding students, instructors and curriculum have made my experience at this school a great one, and one that I will definitely continue.  I can see only bigger and better things ahead in my life as I do so.

Garrett Hansen

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