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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Define your contribution

Tuesday night our Great Work Great Career class learned about how to give ourselves the competitive advantage when searching for that great career.

The course we have been taking is based on the book by Stephen R. Covey and Jennifer Colosimo by the same name. It helps people identify and develop their unique talents and passions. It also helps people better tap those skills and it prepares them for the job market by helping them improve their resume and interviewing abilities.

We were privileged to hear from Troy Oldham, who shared stories and work practices from his days at Microsoft, where he was heavily involved in that company’s marketing and branding. His lecture was basically a shortened version of “branding 1010.” He explained the process a firm goes through to identify and develop a brand. He also talked to us about how we can use the same approach to develop our own personal brand.

We are three weeks into the course and all the participants have attested to the effectiveness of it. Those who are truly participating are really getting out of it what they are putting in. This course has had a great impact on the lives of those who have already gone through it. It really helps people change the way they not only view the current economy and opportunity for work, but the way they view themselves as individuals and contributors.

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