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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Don't dim the lights until you read this

And now for the presentations.

We reviewed the ten best proposals and narrowed the field of potential architects for our new building to just five. On July 7 each firm will get 45 minutes to try to connect itself forever with the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business.

In the classes I teach, my students have to create a presentation and give it to a panel of judges as if they are trying to sell their marketing services to a client. I give them a little guidance, however, by sharing with them a presentation of my own about how to do a presentation. I have to be prepared because I can’t really give a dull presentation about how to give a great presentation.

Here are some of the tips I give them:

Ken Snyder
• Don’t stand there and read your slides. Some people point at the words in their PowerPoint as if they are ancient writings on a wall and then they proceed to translate them for the benefit of the group.

• Make eye contact. The danger in not looking at your audience as you present is that they might get up and sneak out before you are finished. Watch this video to see the powerful impact eye contact can have:.

• Be prepared. I’m not talking about tying knots here; I’m saying that you need to know your subject matter so you can explain it and answer questions. It shouldn’t be memorized but you ought to practice.

• Don’t use filler words like “uh.” Even politicians known for great oratory have been known to slip up as seen in this video.

• Use humor – as appropriate. A good example.

• No death by PowerPoint. Make it interesting. Mix things up a bit. Use color, pictures, videos, audio and interesting copy on your slides. Remember, many people have lost their will to live during boring PowerPoints. Here’s a funny clip about death by PowerPoint.

Commit right now that you will never suck the life out of a darkened room.

Ken Snyder

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