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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Get the Work You Want

Tuesday night our Great Work Great Career class learned about how to be persistent and about the importance of understanding the broad spectrum as we pursue our desired career path.

The course we have been taking is based on the book of the same name by Stephen R. Covey and Jennifer Colosimo. It helps people identify and develop their unique talents and passions. It also helps people better tap those skills, and it prepares them for the job market by improving their resume building and interviewing abilities.

We had the opportunity to hear from Bernadette Caldwell, a current participant in the course. She spoke about the potential women have in the workplace, and she also gave encouraging words about effective negotiation.

We also heard from Barbara Sidwell, current Huntsman career accelerator. Barbara explained that as we develop our careers, we will need seven people as part of our network:

1) Mentor - someone to teach, guide and be a professional example

2) Godfather - someone to champion you to your boss (pull some strings)

3) Headhunter - someone who will look out for you and help place you in ideal situations

4) Visionary - someone who has a broad perspective and helps you dream

5) Realist - someone who says, "Good idea ... but what about X, Y and Z?"

6) Partner - a supporter through the highs and lows

7) Mentee - someone for you to teach, train and guide

To close Tuesday night's class, Lynne Pettit explained the difference between being PROACTIVE and REACTIVE and avoiding the "victim mentality." We were taught that we must first identify the need, then identify our skills, and lastly, identify a solution. Being proactive is key to getting the work you want.

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