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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Experiencing South America!

A group of 34 of us students have been learning and playing in South America for the past two weeks, and have three weeks left to go! :) I think it'd be a fair statement representing all of us to say we've been having the time of our lives!

Chile was amazing. We stayed in Santiago, Vina del Mar, and Valpraiso. During our time in Chile, we had some amazing visits including our visit to Banco Santander. Here's our group in the bridge walkway of Banco Santander.

 A group of students  in the bridge walkway of Banco Santander.We also visited the U.S. Embassy in Chile, Weir Minerals, the Catholic Universidad de Valpraiso, and shipping ports at Valpraiso.

We've been learning and studying hard, but we've had time to play as well! It has been great to enjoy and embrace the culture. While in Chile, we saw some amazing architecture and enjoyed using some of our Spanish skills, and... the food. :) Chile is absolutely beautiful. Our first weekend, we went tidepooling in Ventenna, just up the Chilean coast.

Brasil has been great so far! We've been able to visit Natura, Azul, OGLOBO, and Petrobras, learning the operations and processes for different companies and meeting with business professionals. Here we are at Azul!
Students in AzulOur hotel in Rio de Janiero is a few blocks from Copacabana Beach, and it is incredible. We were able to go on a jeep tour through an Atlantic forest and see some exotic plants and wildlife... such as monkeys!!

A view of Rio de Janiero
A view of Rio de JanieroIt is amazing how much we've been able to pack in to these past two weeks!! Chile and Brasil are incredible, and we're all excited to work with the people and start our projects in Peru!


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