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Monday, June 22, 2009

Day 29

An art piece at the National Economics University

We visited the National Economics University (NEU).  We were introduced to the university and learned about its history.  We were given lectures on the business environment in Vietnam.  We were also given advice on how to start business operations in Vietnam.  We discovered that some business practices in Vietnam may be considered unethical in the United States.  For example, it is quite customary in Vietnam to pay government officials “fees” (bribes) to facilitate business. 

 A street in Vietnam
The University hosted lunch at a nearby restaurant.  We had a buffet of Western and Vietnamese foods, including spring rolls and fried squid.  During the lunch we were able to interact with students from the University.  We learned about the differences in teaching and student life in Vietnam.

We then went to the Hanoi Hilton.  We were able to tour cells that American soldiers were kept in during the Vietnam War (known as the American War in Vietnam).  We saw dishes, clothing, and games from the prison.  We watched short films depicting the war from the perspective of the Vietnamese. 

After the visit we had free time to explore Hanoi.  Some of the students met back up with the students from NEU to get tours of the city.  Other activities included watching a traditional Vietnamese water puppet show, visiting museums, and, of course, shopping.  


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