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Friday, June 12, 2009

Day 19

Students visit Zhongdu Seeds
The day started with a visit at Zhongdu Seeds, which is a company that creates new seeds and sell it to farmers. The seeds are usually made for certain markets depending on taste, population preference, agricultural conditions etc. It was really interesting to see the integration of biology in business again.

After the visit, we went to a Chinese Wal-mart. It was really interesting to see the differences and similarities in between a Chinese and American Walmart. While in there, it definitely felt like we were in a Walmart. The famous Walmart smiley face was present in every corner of the store, but Walmart did also adapt to the local market. People can buy fresh fish, it is so fresh that it is still alive before the customers buys it. Also a lot of the products were not packaged, so people can buy as much as they want depending on the amount they need.

Walmart's fresh fish

Walmart in China

After visiting Walmart and having lunch there, we were off to Fortune Venture. Fortune Venture is a company that makes parts for other manufacturing companies. This presentation was probably one of the best we had so far. Catherine Lee the CEO of the company give us maybe one of the best leadership lectures ever. She made sure to answer our expectations out of the presentation and not just waste our time.

After such a great presentation, we were on our way to the hotel. 


A banner from Fortune Venture welcoming Utah State students

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