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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Last Slab

Last week the contractor poured the last slab of concrete. Technically, the last slab of concrete that is part of the structure. There are a few more non-structural slabs, and a few more added layers on top of the existing slabs, left to be poured. But it is one more major milestone!

The “last slab” is on Level 4 of the new Huntsman Hall building. It is in the curved area that connects the two wings. Part of the slab will be the floor of our fantastic new event space. Part of the last slab will be the floor of our amazing new board room space.

I hiked up to Level 4 so that I could inspect the process personally, and so I could take pictures to commemorate the event.

Some of you may wonder – What is a slab? If you want to learn, I recommend the simple explanation on Wikipedia.

As we come to the end of pouring concrete, you may also wonder – How much concrete will we use in Huntsman Hall? The answer is that we will use almost 11,000 cubic yards of concrete. The material cost for the concrete alone is almost $1,000,000.

That’s a lot of concrete, but there’s no more concrete for structural slabs.

Ken Snyder

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