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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Face

Last week was truly the busiest week yet in the construction of Huntsman Hall. We had more people on site, and more different projects going on, than any previous week since we started construction.

One of the projects started last week was the hanging of the sheet glass on the south side of Huntsman Hall, facing the highway. 

South glass exterior wall
Sheet glass is the exterior wall of the building. We are using sheet glass for about 70 percent of the exterior walls. We’ve been hanging sheet glass for the past several weeks on the inward facing walls (i.e., the walls facing our current Eccles business building). As a matter of fact, the west wing inward facing wall is all done. But it wasn’t until last week that we started hanging sheet glass on the outward facing walls. Another milestone!

I look at the outward facing walls as the “face” of the new building – the part that the people passing by on the highway will see. And isn’t is a great-looking “face”?

Ken Snyder

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