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Monday, February 2, 2015

HMA Marketing Week: Zagg Case Competition Finals, Inside the Game

By Eliza Thacker

We won! We were so nervous the day of the final presentation. In preparation for the final moments of the competition, we spent hours researching our idea, practicing our presentation, and putting together our Prezi. My teammates did a fantastic job of presenting the data, and the judges seemed to like our idea, but there was no way of knowing if another team had done a better job. At the awards ceremony we waited in agony as the third and second place teams were read out loud. We sat in a tense trance as the first place team was announced, when suddenly we realized the name sounded familiar; it was our team. We immediately leaped up to shake the judges’ hands and accept our prizes. We each received not only an iPad mini, but also Bluetooth headphones, a folio keyboard, a screen protector, and a Bluetooth speaker. 

In addition to the physical prizes, we took away intangible rewards. We made great connections in the Huntsman Marketing Association and gained exciting talking points for our resumes. Best of all, we met new friends. My teammates were all incredible people that I never would have gotten to know without this competition, and after late nights filled with pizza and research, we became good friends. I am so glad I had this opportunity. It has given me greater confidence and has opened so many doors. If you are thinking about competing next year, don’t hesitate; win or lose you’ll take away more than just an iPad. Hope to see you there!

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