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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Finishing Up the Finishes

As we’ve focused on structural issues, we’ve been put off some less time-sensitive decisions. Specifically, we put off deciding what to do about finishes.

Finishes is a general term used to refer to surface materials, colors, etc. We decided things like the color of the wood on the walls at the front of the classrooms, the color of carpets in the office areas and classrooms, etc. It’s all the little things that make the building look great versus just functional.

Last week we met with the architects, interior designer, and contractor to review finishes. The architects and interior designer prepared many options for us to consider. In most cases, we went with what they recommended. In some cases we went with an option they presented but did not recommend. In one case, the podiums, we rejected what they presented and told them what we’d like to see. We’ll have to circle back to them on that one.

With the exception of two or three items, everything was chosen. And, I can promise you, we went for great-looking and not just functional pieces and accents. It really will be a beautiful building that will be finished up very nicely.

Ken Snyder

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