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Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Walk-Through

Main Stairwell
Yesterday, we did a walk-through to review all of the work being done in the Eccles business building this summer. We looked at every little detail. The bad news: We still have dozens of items left to finish. It’s not done. The good news: At the level of detail we looked at, there could have been thousands and thousands of things left to finish – and there were not. And, with the exception of a few minor items where we are waiting on some delayed parts, all of the work will be finished by the time classes start in a few weeks. The other good news – it looks great! I’ve included some photos so that you can see some of the progress we are making.

I am grateful to one of our faculty members. He came by my office the other day to tell me how much he enjoyed the new restrooms, the new stairwells, and the new look on the classroom floors without the colored block. He then thanked me for making sure we keep our building maintained and looking nice. I didn’t expect this. Most of the summer, I’ve been dealing with complaints about no A/C, no running water, no restroom facilities, intermittent fire alarms, etc. It was such a refreshing and welcome conversation! He then told me that at his previous university, they didn’t maintain the facility very well, and, as a result, the building looked terrible. He said he is so glad he came to the Huntsman School because facilities DO matter.

5th Floor Bathroom

Side Stairwell

Ken Snyder


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